wo wade hi kya jo tut jaye,
wo nate hi kya jo chhut jaye,
sath to tab hai jab har mushkil me sath hai,
warna sare jajbat sirf kehne ki baat hai!!

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we Indians have leverage of being in democracy,
But the nation urge to build an autocracy,
Instead of being grateful ,
these politicians are venomous and harmful,
IIT and Cambridge’s education is a total waste,
when you don’t think and make a comment in haste!!
Politic’s and votes are not the ultimate goal,
Show some humanity and moral!!
Respect the blood of the Soldiers who are no more,
Stay silent if you cannot praise their effort and adore!!

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Isolate Pakistan!!

Things changed the moment we got parted,
Families separated, many brave lives departed,
we tried to mend the cracked walls,
but we found our neighbors were building arsenals,
we ignored their mischief’s ,
but they crossed our border like callous thieves,
its been decades we are fighting for peace,
leave borders, they never behaved as gentlemen even on sports ground crease !!
We are done expecting a truce ,
they always back stabbed and gave us bruise.
No more talks, no more treaty,
Isolate Pakistan , Isolate terror mobocracy !!

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Surgical Attack 2016

Gone are the days to be Silent,

we are not here to mourn and repent!

Strategies made, executed as meant,

All happened near LOC was state’s Consent,

Now Pakistan must have learnt the lesson for his filthy intent!!

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Solidarity ( Indo-Pak issues in 2016)

Borders are sealed, war is on ,

so called literates are behaving morons,

soldiers are martyred,

Commitments of peace are betrayed,

still we crib about morality,

But why none of intellectuals shows any SOLIDARITY!!

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Selfish Politics !!( For most hated Aam Admi- Arvind Kejriwal)

I heard of a ┬áman who shouted about People’s plight,

But Voters never discovered his greedy insight,

False Commitments can be ignored,

But Nation’s disrespect ┬ácannot be applaud,

we warn you to limit your voice,

Feel the pain of nation before your personal rejoice,

Dare not question the actions of our National Guards,

or be ready to receive sandals in Reward!!

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Soldier’s Dilemma!( Tribute to martyred Souls)


Night has engulfed the day light,

we are standing here with our guns loaded and tight,

Just lost one of my brothers,

I am afraid to inform this to his mother!

It hurts, to hold this tricolor wrapped body,

Can’t even complaint God, why he made us fragile and Shoddy,

Nights are getting colder,

But I need to make myself strong and bolder,

I wonder, this day passes soon,

I never wanted being the messenger for this tearful monsoon,

May his family have the courage to bear the pain,

Still they show faith and raise another “NITIN” once again!!

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